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Complete View Monitor

UPS sought to modernize its proprietary Complete View Monitor application, an system that supported dedicated, client-based teams tasked in monitoring end-to-end shipments for corporate clients, such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple, etc. These "tower agents", as they were internally referred to, needed a view into quickly surfacing "at risk" shipments that had missed a key milestone in the journey to their destination. Core to the success of a design solution was providing users the ability a timeline perspective into a given shipment, and let the system do some of the heavy lifting for them. 

Quick Stats:


  • Content Strategy

  • Information Design

  • Visual Design

  • assist on Product Mgmt & Business Analysis

  • Project Budget: $2million

  • Team: 18 developers

  • Time to execute: 6 months

  • Principal UX Strategist

  • User Researcher

  • Information Architect 

  • Ix Design


  • Agressive timeline, requiring fluidity in approach and methodology.

  • Lack of clear business vision and success metrics.

  • Fundamental unfamiliarity with the value add of user research and design thinking. 

  • Deciding when and how to most intuitively display the massive volume of data groupings and content associated with shipments.

  • Key data points lost in a sea of disorganization, introducing risk for lack of visibility.

  • Bridging the gap between business goals and user needs.

Approach: Tactical and Impactful

User research was confined to a very limited timebox, which required an expedited approach to jumpstart design ideation. An abbreviated process was devised that would quickly lead to rapid prototyping and iterative design cycles. 

User Research: Proto-persona Workshop

Proto-personas are a variant of the typical persona, with the important difference that they are not initially the result of user research. Instead, they originate from brainstorming workshops where company participants try to encapsulate the organization’s beliefs (based on their domain expertise and gut feeling) about who is using their product or service and what is motivating them to do so. Proto-personas give an organization a starting point from which to begin evaluating their products and to create some early design hypotheses.
A half-day workshop yielded 8 primary personas, which were later validated and refined through a series of expedited contextual inquiries. 


Proto-persona workshop generated 8 primary personas.

Personas were validated and refined via contextual inquiries.

Personas were formalized into matrix form and grouped into audience segmentations

Design: Rapid Prototype

Rapid prototyping (using Axure as the app of choice) allowed us to quickly validate a complex interaction design concept in a way the client could quickly assimilate, and efficiently push an approved design concept to our development team for implementation. By the end of the design cycle, a robust and dynamic prototype had been developed that encompassed all of the major scenarios the app would need to handle. 

Due to our time constraints,  this prototype was developed in high fidelity (adhering to UP brand standards) to simultaneously expedite the visual design process. 

Design: Visual Design

Upon approval the general style/theme of the visual design, a detailed style guide was created that provided an extensive set of guidelines for the dev team to code against. 

Letter of Recommendation

"Greg Hyatt quickly emerged as a leader among his peer group.  He was highly successful in his role as a User Experience Designer.  Excellent communication and leadership skills created a highly functional team who accomplished a tremendous amount of value in a very short timeline.
This project has a large impact to the business.  Therefore, there was pressure to implement quickly.  User experience design was furthest from my mind at the beginning of the project, however after working with Greg he did a very profound job of extending his knowledge and expertise by addressing all aspects of a product or service as it was perceived by our user base. 
Greg has the ability to transition from a technical role to a management role where appropriate.  The skill to “bridge the gap” between the technical and functional requirements make him an excellent facilitator between IT and the business.  Rarely does a person possess this exceptional talent. 
Overall, Greg was a tremendous contributor to the success of our product.  He successfully completed his work either through individual effort or through the leadership and guidance of other.  He works with the highest level of honesty and integrity.  The quality of his work exceeds expectations.  I highly recommend him and any resource that he endorses."

Shannon C Goodman
IT Manager/Project Sponsor
United Parcel Service
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