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Vino Volo:

Customer Experience

Vino Volo, a nationwide wine and food bar with a boutique edge, was seeking design consultancy in envisioning a future ecosystem of connected applications that provided a seamless customer experience for their newly launched Loyalty program. Through a series of dynamic storyboards that focused on narrative storytelling, big ideas were communicated through playful illustrations that invited the viewer to imagine the art of the possible.

Problem statement:

Bring a compelling and creative CX vision to life leveraging very thin documentation and direction.  


CX Consultant; XD Strategist

Narrative Storytelling

Presented in a graphic-novel style format based, provided personas were shaped into reoccurring characters that threaded their way through several scenarios that let the vision unfold in an organic and delightful fashion. 


Storyboard sample...

Storyboard Samples

Each scenario painted the broad vision of a suite of connected systems that provided Loyalty-program members a "concierge" experience.

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